5 Letter Words Starting with R Ending with E

5 Letter Words: Starting with R Ending with E

Are you a Wordle enthusiast or a lover of word games? Then, knowing 5-letter words starting with R and ending with E can be incredibly useful. This article will not only list these words but also give you a special Wordle hint for words starting with “POY.”

Big List of Words

Here’s a comprehensive list to enhance your vocabulary:

  • Range
  • Rinse
  • Rouge
  • Rouse
  • Rifle
  • Rogue
  • Route

These words are versatile and can be key in word games.

Focus on Wordle Hints

Wordle Hint for “POY”

If you’re stuck on a Wordle that starts with “POY,” remember:

  • There are very limited words that fit this criteria.
  • Think about words that might use common vowels or consonants.

Exploring Each Word


“Range” refers to a variety of things, from distance to a set of different things.


“Rinse” means to wash something in clean water.


“Rouge” is a red powder or cream used as makeup.


“Rouse” means to wake or provoke someone.


A “rifle” is a type of long gun.


“Rogue” refers to someone or something unpredictable.


“Route” is a way or course taken to get from a starting point to a destination.

Usage in Sentences

  • Range: “The mountain range was visible from their house.”
  • Rinse: “Rinse the vegetables before cooking.”
  • Rouge: “She applied some rouge to her cheeks.”
  • Rouse: “The noise was enough to rouse the entire neighborhood.”
  • Rifle: “He cleaned the rifle carefully.”
  • Rogue: “The rogue wave took the sailors by surprise.”
  • Route: “They plotted their route on the map.”

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