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Cazina Reviews {March 2023}: Is This Legitimate Website Or a Scam?

The digital age has allowed us to access products through the internet, creating a market with countless websites offering goods and services. One such platform is Cazina, based in India and selling fashionable items such as loihu dresses.

To determine if it is a legitimate site, we must take a look at the Cazina reviews of March 2023 and discern whether or not it is a scam. Continue reading to find out more details! 

What is Cazina?

Cazina is a website based in India that offers fashionable items for sale to its customers. Its catalog includes everything from midi dresses, tops and cardigans, two-piece sets, one-piece, casual wear, and sweaters. On top of it all, the core of Cazina’s mission is to make customers feel classy and comfortable with their stylish dresses. 

Features of Cazina:

  • Website Purpose: Cazina serves as an online retail platform for customers to purchase fashionable dresses, catering to various styles and preferences.
  • Product Offering: The website offers a diverse range of trendy and stylish dresses, including casual, formal, party wear, and seasonal collections.
  • Website URL: Cazina can be accessed via the following link –
  • Domain Information: The domain was recently established, with the website being less than a year old in the online retail industry.
  • Contact Email: For any queries or concerns, customers can reach out to Cazina at [email protected].
  • Physical Address and Contact Number: Unfortunately, specific details regarding Cazina’s physical address and contact number are currently unavailable.
  • Shipping Policy: Cazina offers free shipping on orders valued at $79 or higher to provide customers with cost-effective shopping experiences.
  • Return Policy: The website allows customers to return products within a 30-day window, ensuring satisfaction and flexibility for their purchases.
  • Refund Policy: Upon receiving the returned product, Cazina will initiate the refund process, with the exact timeline depending on the original payment method used.
  • Security Certification: Cazina’s website features HTTPS certification, ensuring safe and secure browsing and transaction experiences for its customers.
  • Payment Methods: Specific details regarding the accepted payment methods on Cazina’s website are not currently available.
  • Social Media Presence: There is no information available regarding Cazina’s presence or engagement on social media platforms.

Pros and cons of shopping at Cazina:


  • Offers a wide range of stylish and fashionable dresses.
  • Provides customers with free shipping services.
  • Features an extensive product catalog to choose from.
  • Allows for returns and refunds within a 30-day window.
  • Features HTTPS security certification for safe transactions.


  • No information is available regarding the accepted payment methods on the website.
  • Limited details regarding the physical address and contact number of Cazina.
  • No social media presence was found for the website.

Discussion on the legitimacy of the website:

  • Domain Age: The Cazina website is still in its infancy, with a creation date of 9th June 2021. Generally, websites with a longer domain age are considered more credible, and since the website is less than a year old, its legitimacy comes into question.
  • Presence on Social Media: Although Cazina has created accounts on popular social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, the activity level on these platforms is minimal. A strong social media presence can help establish credibility, but this is not the case for Cazina, raising doubts about its legitimacy.
  • Lack of Customer Reviews: The absence of any customer feedback, either on the website or external review sites, is concerning. Genuine reviews offer valuable insight into the quality of products and services provided by a website, and the lack of such information for Cazina adds to the skepticism surrounding its legitimacy.
  • Low Trust Score: Cazina has a trust score below 5%, which is an alarming indicator that the website may not be trustworthy. A higher trust score would signify a better reputation, increasing the confidence of users to engage with the website.
  • Insufficient Information: The overall lack of information and transparency about Cazina’s background, ownership, and policies make it difficult to assess its legitimacy. A credible website typically provides thorough details about its business practices and customer support, allowing users to make informed decisions. Unfortunately, this is lacking in the case of Cazina.
  • Payment Details: Unfortunately, no information regarding accepted payment methods is available on the Cazina website. 
  • Security: Fortunately, the website does feature HTTPS security certification for secure browsing and transactions.

Due to the factors mentioned above – short domain age, inadequate social media presence, absence of customer reviews, low trust score, and scarcity of information – it is advisable to be cautious when interacting with the Cazina website. More evidence supporting its legitimacy would be required before trusting its services and products.

Customer Feedback:

Cazina’s mysterious reputation has yet to be uncovered, leaving potential customers with the surprising challenge of deciphering its legitimacy. Without any customer reviews pointing towards what quality product can be expected from Loihu dresses, shoppers will have to take a leap of faith in their fashion purchases.

Bottom Line:

The legitimacy of Cazina is still uncertain. While the website does have some safety measures in place such as HTTPS certification and a 30-day return policy, it lacks transparency regarding its ownership and policies, making it difficult to assess its reliability. 

Until more evidence supporting its legitimacy comes to light, potential customers should approach with caution when engaging with the Cazina website. Prior to making any acquisitions, be sure to research and look into customer feedback for the website.

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