elise johnson bumpy johnson daughter died

Elise Johnson Bumpy Johnson Daughter Died

The sudden death of Elise Johnson, daughter of the legendary Harlem figure Bumpy Johnson, has long been a topic of intrigue and speculation. Reports suggest that Elise’s life, marred by the challenges of her father’s legacy, tragically ended due to a heart attack caused by narcotic overuse.

The untimely demise of Elise Johnson, daughter of the notorious Harlem gangster Bumpy Johnson, remains a poignant story steeped in mystery and speculation. This article delves into the complex circumstances surrounding her death, offering insights into the life she led in the shadow of her father’s infamous legacy.

Key Takeaways

  • Ruthie and Elease Johnson, daughters of Bumpy Johnson, both died in 2006.
  • Elease struggled with addiction, possibly linked to her father’s life.
  • The cause of Ruthie’s death remains unknown.
  • Elease’s death was reportedly due to a heart attack caused by narcotic overuse.
  • The Johnson sisters are part of the legacy of Bumpy Johnson, the “Godfather of Harlem”.

The Legacy of Bumpy Johnson

Bumpy Johnson was a figure synonymous with the criminal underworld of Harlem in the 1930s. Known as the “Godfather of Harlem,” his life has been the subject of numerous books and films. He was a complex figure, revered by some and feared by many.

Bumpy’s Family Life

Despite his criminal activities, Bumpy was a family man. He had two daughters, Ruthie and Elease Johnson. Their lives were inevitably shaped by their father’s reputation and the turbulent world he inhabited.

Father’s IdentityEllsworth “Bumpy” Johnson, a known Harlem gangster
SisterRuthie Johnson
Reported Cause of DeathHeart attack due to narcotic overuse
Year of Death2006

The Tragic End of Elise Johnson

Elise Johnson’s death in 2006 was a shock to many. According to some sources, she succumbed to a heart attack, with an underlying cause linked to narcotic overuse.

Understanding Addiction

  • Addiction is a complex issue, often influenced by various factors, including environmental and psychological stress.
  • In Elise’s case, the pressures of being Bumpy Johnson’s daughter might have contributed to her struggles.

The Johnson Family in the Public Eye

Bumpy Johnson’s Influence and Relationships

Bumpy Johnson’s life intersected with many notable figures of the time, including Malcolm X. Rumors of a relationship between Malcolm X and Elise Johnson, one of Bumpy’s daughters, have circulated, although these remain unconfirmed.

The Johnsons in Popular Culture

Ruthie and Elease Johnson are featured in various works about their father, including the book “Harlem Godfather” by Mayme Hatcher Johnson, Bumpy’s wife. Their lives have also been portrayed in TV movies, further cementing their place in the narrative of Harlem’s history.

FAQ Section

Q: What was Elise Johnson’s cause of death?
A: Elise Johnson reportedly died of a heart attack caused by narcotic overuse.

Q: Who was Elise Johnson’s father?
A: Elise’s father was Ellsworth “Bumpy” Johnson, a well-known Harlem gangster.

Q: Has the Johnson family been portrayed in media?
A: Yes, the family has been featured in books and films about Bumpy Johnson’s life.

Q: What impact did Bumpy Johnson’s legacy have on his daughters?
A: The legacy of Bumpy Johnson significantly impacted his daughters, influencing their lives and the challenges they faced.


The story of Elise Johnson and her untimely death is a reminder of the complex legacies left by figures like her father, Bumpy Johnson. Her life, marked by the shadow of her father’s notoriety, ended tragically, mirroring the often harsh realities of those connected to the underworld of crime and fame. Elise’s story, though overshadowed by her father’s infamy, remains a poignant chapter in the narrative of Harlem’s history.

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