Is MemoryMe Legit or Scam?

MemoryMe Legit Or Scam? 2023 Reviews – Check Before You Buy!

Are you searching for a website that offers extraordinary and unforgettable gifts to your friends and family? Look no further than Memoryme. co. This online platform is dedicated to providing customized presents for any event – be it a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or just to demonstrate your affection.

But before taking advantage of Memoryme. co’s services, it is essential to inquire if the website is reliable or a fraud.

Read this article for updated feedback on Memoryme. co in 2023 to make an educated decision. We shall discuss its characteristics, customer reviews, and more to aid you in judging whether it is authentic or not. Let us start!

How Connects with Scams:

Following an exhaustive investigation into reliable online sources, we uncovered some relevant data that could support our deductions. This information is invaluable as it supplies detailed observations regarding the website’s validity and reliability.

Not only does this benefit us, but also others searching for similar facts on the same topic can gain from it. The data adds to our continually increasing array of facts and gives us more lucidity in determining valid content.

  • Registration Data: MemoryMe. co was registered on 13-Nov-2021, this is an indication that is a new website and hence could not be trusted as legitimate yet.
  • Owners’ Name: MemoryMe. co belongs to Mexong Ltd., which does not have any firm establishment in the online industry, this thing making it a suspicious website.
  • Website’s Age: MemoryMe. co is only 2 years old, which makes it quite unreliable and questionable in terms of legitimacy.
  • Payment Details: accepts credit card and PayPal payments, both of which are generally safe payment options however, website age raises suspicion that it may not be a legit website.
  • Address Authenticity: MemoryMe. co address can be found in Google Maps but is located in an unknown area which is suspicious.
  • Contact Details: MemoryMe. co only provides an email and no other contact details, which could mean that it has something to hide.
  • Rank: MemoryMe. co has the 1,297,218th rank in Alexa, which is very low and indicates that is not a popular website among customers.
  • Customers’ Reviews: We were unable to find any reviews online, indicating that it may be a scam.
  • Clarity of Policies: MemoryMe. co policies are not very clear, which could lead to customers being scammed or taken advantage of.
  • Website’s Trust Index: MemoryMe. co has a trust score of only 1%, which is extremely low and indicates that it is not a legitimate website.
  • Amount of Duplicity: MemoryMe. co has a moderate amount of plagiarism on its website, which could mean that it is not a genuine website.
  • Social Activity: MemoryMe. co does not have any social media presence or activity, making this site seem untrustworthy and suspicious.

After seeing all the details, it becomes very difficult to trust MemoryMe. co as it does not seem to have a legit base. It is advised that you read website reviews carefully before making any purchases from it and exercise caution when dealing with this site.

If you are looking for gifting solutions, check out other alternatives that offer some unique jewelry.


At, you will find a wide range of jewelry pieces that are sure to generate a list of admiration in any room. From lustrous silver earrings to dainty rings and intricate necklaces, all items are carefully crafted and thoughtfully designed.

But keep this in mind before purchasing the prices on MemoryMe. co may be higher than other stores, it is important to note that MemoryMe. co lists Mexong Ltd. as its parent company is it indicating that it is a legitimate business.

This website offers an excellent collection of exquisite jewelry for both genders, perfect for personal use or gifting to a loved one.

Specifications of

  • Website URL is:
  • Emailing Address is: [email protected]
  • Website domain Start sale: 13-Nov-2021
  • Store Working Time: 9:00 am Morning to 6:00 pm Evening within 6 days working, Monday to Friday.
  • Website Serving Area: It is an e-Commerce website that shipping to orders all world.
  • Available things: Multiple jewelry items are available.
  • Phone #: Not any contact No. available.
  • Physical contact Address: Crown House, 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX Office.
  • Order proceed policy: Proceeds your order within 3-5 working days and the shipping partner takes 10 to 15 working days to complete his order to the distinction.
  • Order Cancellation: If your mind has changed after proceeding order, provides you the facility to cancel your order within 12 hours.
  • Tracking system: It does not provide a facility to track your order where it is at the time.
  • Payment Methods: Accepts payments through PayPal, MasterCard, Visa Card, Stripe, and other online methods.
  • Refund Policy: Not clear and also not given any timeframe.
  • Return & Exchange Policy: Return and exchange policy is available within 30 days.
  • Media Link: Not exist on any Social Media network.
  • Available Reviews: After searching I am reaching this point, not any customer reviews are available in the website comment section.

Benefits of using

  • Great selection of jewelry pieces
  • High-quality items
  • Easy payment options
  • Assured customer service
  • Reliable shipping method and duration
  • Return & Exchange Policy available (30 days)
  • Available customer support through their email id: [email protected]

Drawbacks of using

  • No contact phone number is available
  • Expensive compared to other stores
  • Low trust score – 1%
  • A moderate amount of plagiarism on its website
  • No social media presence or activity
  • No customer reviews are available on the internet
  • No tracking system for orders.
  • No time frame was mentioned for refunds. ​​

Is Legitimate? – Buyer Reviews Reveal All: claims to be a legitimate website, but there is no proof to support this assertion. Without any customer reviews or presence on social media, it is difficult for buyers to trust the authenticity of the website. Thus, caution and research are needed before one should purchase jewelry from It is important to also ensure that PayPal’s refund policy is known in case any issues arise.

The lack of transparency and reviews make it hard to determine if is a trustworthy source for quality jewelry. It is ultimately up to the purchaser to determine if this web page is the right fit for them.

By researching other customer experiences with MemoryMe. co, one can get a better understanding of the website and whether it is safe to purchase from.

At End:

At the end of the day, Memoryme. co appears to be a dubious website that should be avoided. The lack of consumer feedback and its exclusion from social media networks casts doubts on the legitimacy of this site thus making it difficult to verify if Memoryme. co is genuine or not.

When considering a purchase from this web store, it is prudent to be careful and conduct some research in order to safeguard oneself from any possible problems.

With that being said, Memoryme. co could potentially be legitimate and provide quality jewelry pieces, but it is not advised to purchase from this site until proper research and reviews have been done.

Better safe than sorry.​​​​​

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