Jeremy Herrell “Here We Go”

Jeremy Herrell “Here We Go”: Rapper Turned Political Commentator!

Jeremy Herrell (aka “Here We Go”) has garnered attention as a rapper who provides commentary on U.S. politics. This profile will cover his background, music career, political activism, and what makes his approach unique. His work is not just about beats and rhymes, it delves into the heart of the sociopolitical environment of the United States. In an era where understanding public figures like Jeremy is crucial, his blend of entertainment and political discourse offers a fresh perspective on contemporary issues.

Who is Jeremy Herrell “Here We Go”?

Jeremy Herrell stands out as a multifaceted personality, seamlessly merging his talents as a rapper with a keen interest in American politics. His journey in the music industry, marked by the popular phrase “Here We Go,” resonates with a wide audience.

Beyond the stage, Jeremy is a vocal participant in the political dialogue of the nation, often through his show “Live from America with Jeremy.” His approach is not just about presenting facts, it’s about stirring thought and encouraging active participation in the sociopolitical discourse.

As a patriot and a populist, Jeremy’s content often reflects his views on current affairs, ranging from the Biden administration to broader themes like spiritual homelessness and the armor of God. His platform, LFA TV, serves as a network for expressing these views, reaching out to a community of individuals with colorful and unique ways of understanding the world.

Jeremy Herrell “Here We Go”

Jeremy’s work is a call to action, urging his audience to become more than just passive media consumers. He encourages them to be donors of change, to help share the message, and to join him in this journey of enlightenment and empowerment.

In his podcasts and live performances, Jeremy often tackles topics like the influence of woke corporations, freedom of speech in the U.S., and the importance of constitutional values. His narrative is not just about criticism but also about offering solutions and hope. He speaks of activating change, being prepared for the challenges that lie ahead, and the need for every American to play a role in shaping the nation’s future.

Jeremy’s work is a blend of art and activism, a unique voice in a culture full of diverse opinions. He stands as a testament to the power of using one’s talents and platform to make a meaningful impact on society. His message is clear: it’s time to rise, to engage, and to make a difference in the sociopolitical environment of the United States.

Music Career:

Jeremy first ventured into music in his teenage years as an underground rapper. He slowly gained notoriety locally in Los Angeles for his quick wordplay and clever lyrics. Jeremy has released several mix tapes and singles over the years, cultivating his signature fast-paced flow. His music fuses both rap and R&B influences.

While he has yet to break into the mainstream scene, Jeremy has developed a cult following, especially in the West Coast rap circles. He has collaborated with artists like MC Ren, and Tupac collaborator Big Syke, and featured on albums by various indie artists. Jeremy promotes his music across platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. He also performs live shows and sells merch to generate additional income as an independent artist.

Shift to Political Commentary:

Around 2016, Jeremy started getting politically vocal on social media, commenting on issues like free speech, cancel culture, and media bias. As his online rants gained support, Jeremy expanded into longer-form commentary by launching podcasts, most notably “Live from America with Jeremy.”

His podcast, YouTube channel, and affiliated platforms enabled Jeremy to intertwine his artistic flair with envelope-pushing political satire. He soon earned appreciation for providing an insightful yet humorous take while targeting establishment pundits and corporations.

Topics spanning Big Tech censorship, election controversies, COVID response, and cultural wars feature prominently in Jeremy’s political programs. His unabashed, anti-mainstream perspective resonates with conservative and independent-minded citizens. With over 300,000 YouTube subscribers and growing podcast streams, Jeremy continues making waves as a sign of counter-populist commentary.

Beyond the Stage: Jeremy’s Personal Life and Beliefs

Personal Insights:

Little is publicly known about Jeremy’s personal life, relationships, or family situation. He keeps details about his life outside of music and politics private. Jeremy has rarely faced controversies aside from occasional social media spats over ideological differences.

Some describe him as fiercely independent with libertarian leanings. Still, he appeals to populist conservatives by focusing on topics like freedom of speech, anti-elitism, issues facing working-class Americans, and distrust of powerful institutions eroding constitutional values.

Beliefs and Values:

At his core, Jeremy believes populist right-wing ideas aligned with American values are gaining traction. This fuels his commentary targeting establishment gatekeepers, including media and tech companies which he sees as suppressing dissenting voices. Jeremy feels conservatives and moderates who question dominant narratives need platforms to exercise free thought and speech without censorship.

Commentary suggests Jeremy is a passionate Christian patriot who worries about declining religiosity and erosion of America’s founding Judeo-Christian principles. He perceives solutions emerging from grassroots activism and public figures giving voice to uniting populist messages that resist identity politics or victimhood mentalities. Jeremy shares commentaries as his part in supporting stifled majority opinions through political satire and rally cries heralding a new wave of “America first” cultural resurgence.

Legacy & Ongoing Work 

While still building his influence, Jeremy has impacted today’s sociopolitical discourse by providing bold counter-commentary to mainstream liberal pundits and celebs who frequently deride conservative opinions. His fiery rants share nuanced takes resonating with many Americans feeling unheard.

With his platform growing, Jeremy strives to launch newer content formats and collaborative projects uniting “free thinkers” from diverse backgrounds. His legacy remains a work in progress but will likely cement him as an artistic voice for national populist revival – where entertainment, activism, and political analysis intersect.


In conclusion, Jeremy Herrell has cemented a distinctive space as an artistic voice merging entertainment and political commentary in thought-provoking ways. While his fiery, anti-establishmentarian takes on sociocultural issues won’t suit all tastes, Jeremy signals counter-populist perspectives resonating with many feeling misrepresented.

For readers compelled to dive deeper, his catalogs spanning music, podcasts, and affiliated platforms offer plenty to unpack. Jeremy aims to stir civic participation beyond just conveying opinions. Followers can expect his satire and rallying cries to spur creative projects and unite talents to kickstart meaningful conversations where political analysis and artistic passion intersect.

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