Who is Ashley Cummings?

Who is Ashley Cummings? Is She a Sibling of Whitney Cummings?

Ashleigh Cummings, an acclaimed Australian actress, has captivated audiences with her versatile performances. Born on November 11, 1992, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Cummings has emerged as a prominent figure in both film and television. Despite her growing fame, particularly noted for her roles in “Tomorrow, When the War Began” and “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries,” Cummings maintains a sense of intrigue around her private life, distinguishing her from her famous sibling.

Early Life and Background

Ashleigh Cummings was born into a culturally rich environment in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Her family relocated to Australia when she was in her early teens, where she began studying ballet at age 2. Ashleigh attended the Brent Street School of Performing Arts and developed an interest in acting and dance. She is often compared to her more famous comedic sister, Whitney Cummings, though Ashleigh has carved her successful path in drama and film.

Ashley Cummings

Some of Ashleigh’s first major roles came in the late 2000s in Australian TV shows like Rescue Special Ops. Her breakout lead role arrived in 2010 when she portrayed Robyn Mathers in Tomorrow When the War Began. The film was a hit in Australia, earning Ashleigh a nomination for Best Young Actor at the AACTA Awards. She went on to star as Jodie in Puberty Blues (2012) and Dot Williams in Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (2015).

Physical Attributes of Ashleigh Cummings

Height5ft 4in (162.5cm)
BuildSlim, Petite
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorLight Brown
Early CareerPortrayed Teenager Roles
Recent RolesMore Diverse, Complex Adult Characters
Notable Projects‘Tomorrow, When the War Began’, ‘Puberty Blues’, ‘Hounds of Love’, ‘The Goldfinch’

Personal Life 

While Ashleigh Cummings leads a prolific acting career with over 20 credits to her name, she keeps details of her personal life out of the spotlight. It is known that she has been in a long-term relationship with Australian actor Aaron Jakubenko since 2016. The two have been spotted attending red carpet-events together on occasion.

Ashleigh is an advocate for environmental sustainability and conscious consumerism. She endorses Australian green beauty brands like Aether Beauty and Dirty Hippie Cosmetics, staying true to her passion for environmentally friendly fashion.

Other hobbies and interests of Ashleigh include traveling (especially to Morocco), learning about politics and conflict resolution, and pushing herself out of her comfort zone by trying new activities like skateboarding.

Career Milestones and Artistic Endeavors

Who is Ashley Cummings?
  • Breakthrough Role (2010): Ashleigh Cummings’ career took off with her portrayal of Robyn Mathers in “Tomorrow, When the War Began,” an adaptation of John Marsden’s novel. This role showcased her talent and versatility as an actress.
  • AACTA Award Nomination: Her performance in “Tomorrow, When the War Began” earned her a nomination for Best Young Actor at the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards, significantly raising her profile in the Australian film industry.
  • Lead TV Roles: Following her early success, Ashleigh secured lead roles in popular TV series such as “Puberty Blues” and “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries,” further solidifying her position in the industry.
  • Venice Film Festival Triumph (2016): Ashleigh’s role in “Hounds of Love” brought her international acclaim, winning her the Best Actress award at the Venice Film Festival. This role was pivotal in showcasing her depth and range as an actress.
  • Heath Ledger Scholarship Recipient: In 2016, Ashleigh was honored with the prestigious Heath Ledger Scholarship, allowing her to pursue acting studies in Los Angeles and expand her opportunities in the international arena.
  • Hollywood Debut: Her international career trajectory continued with a significant role in “The Goldfinch” (2018), where she starred alongside Nicole Kidman, marking her entry into Hollywood.
  • Recent Successes: Ashleigh’s recent projects include the AMC horror series “NOS4A2” (2019) and a leading role in the high-profile spy series “Citadel” (2023), demonstrating her ability to adapt to diverse genres and roles.
  • Versatility and Global Recognition: Throughout her career, Ashleigh Cummings has skillfully balanced roles in both independent films and mainstream Hollywood productions, earning her a reputation for beauty, skill, and increasing global renown.

Net Worth and Financial Aspects

According to available reports, Ashleigh Cummings has an estimated net worth of $5 million as of 2023. Compared to other Australian actresses of similar age and experience like Margot Robbie ($30 million) and Rose Byrne ($25 million), Ashleigh’s fortune is steadily growing.

Her income primarily stems from her acting roles in various TV shows and movies, including notable projects like “The Goldfinch” and “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.” Her career trajectory, marked by both national and international projects, contributes to her financial standing.

Challenges and Controversies

A notable career challenge and controversy for Ashleigh Cummings arrived with the disappointing box office performance of 2019’s The Goldfinch, based on the bestselling novel. Despite starring alongside Nicole Kidman, the film failed to recoup its $45 million budget.

On a personal level, Ashleigh has been open about her struggles with anxiety from a young age, stemming from her family’s abrupt departure from Saudi Arabia. She copes by learning about psychology, relationships, and spirituality. Her candidness about mental health has resonated with fans, adding depth to her public persona.

Languages and Cultural Influence

Ashleigh Cummings speaks both Arabic and French, having grown up in a multicultural family based across the Middle East and Australia. Her cross-cultural experiences lend an exotic flair and versatility that has served her acting pursuits well.

In roles like the 2016 Australian drama Hounds of Love, Ashleigh was praised for her ability to capture raw, intense emotion. Her cultural background shapes her creative perspectives and the types of projects she pursues across theater and film.

Philanthropy and Advocacy 

Ashleigh Cummings actively advocates for environmental sustainability, conscious consumerism, and ethical fashion. She endorses Australian green beauty brands like Aether Beauty, Dirty Hippie Cosmetics, and Kjær Weis that align with her personal passions.

Ashleigh also partners with local organizations in Australia focused on wildlife conservation and raising awareness on issues like climate change and clean energy. Through her efforts, she hopes to inspire her fans and peers to make eco-friendly choices.

Future Projects and Aspirations

On the horizon, Ashleigh Cummings will star alongside Kit Harington in the historical drama “Baby Ruby”. She will also appear in the Australian indie film “Wildflower” slated for release in late 2023. Despite her growing success, Ashleigh remains passionate about supporting independent Aussie films in between her global endeavors. When reflecting on the future, Ashleigh shares hopes of working with esteemed actresses she admires like Cate Blanchett and Nicole Kidman on projects filmed back home in Australia.

Public Perception and Media Presence 

Throughout her career, Ashleigh Cummings has maintained a positive public image as an advocate for relevant social causes who stays devoted to her Australian roots. Australian media portrays Ashleigh as a rising global star who represents her homeland proudly on the world stage.

Despite her fame, Ashleigh’s social media presence remains moderate to keep some privacy, though she interacts warmly with fans when possible. Overall Ashleigh is regarded as a humble, passionate actress devoted to furthering her creative growth.

Mystique Around Ashleigh Cummings

Despite her acting accolades, Ashleigh Cummings sustains an air of mystique by keeping her personal life guarded. This contrasts with other celebrities who liberally share details on social media. Little is publicly known about her family, relationships, and views beyond acting.

Her spiritual pursuits like yoga and environmental advocacy offer glimpses into her personality away from studios and premieres. Ultimately the lack of verified personal insights feeds curiosity about who the real Ashleigh is behind the performer.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQS

Who is Ashley Cummings?

Ashley Cummings is the older sister of comedian Whitney Cummings, who works as a yoga instructor and dabbles in stand-up comedy and writing.

Is Ashley Cummings married?

No, Ashley Cummings is not married but is currently believed to be single as of 2023 with few details known about her romantic life.

What is Ashley Cummings’ profession?

Ashley Cummings’ profession is as a yoga teacher specializing in practices like Venice canal yoga at Yogashala in Miami Beach where she has worked for over 20 years.


In summary, Ashleigh Cummings, known for her roles as Dorothy in “Hounds of Love” and Vic McQueen in “NOS4A2,” showcases remarkable artistic depth on screen while maintaining a sense of intrigue through her private life. Her talents, honed at the prestigious TV school for actors and the Screenteens program at the Screenwise Film & TV School, have led to over 20 acting credits and award nominations, including the Australian Film Institute Awards, all before she turned 30. 

Unlike her sister, Whitney Cummings, who embraces the spotlight in her comedy career, Ashleigh focuses on her craft as a lead actress in television drama series. Despite their different approaches to fame, the Cummings sisters share a strong bond and support each other’s achievements. As Ashleigh’s profile continues to rise in both Australian and Hollywood movies, her commitment to her work, rather than the pursuit of glory, drives her forward as a rising star.

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