Who is Mary Lauren?

Who is Mary Lauren? Taking a Closer Look at the Cause of Death Internet Influencer Mary Lauren’s Brother, Seth Lauren – [2023 Update]!

When Mary Lauren’s brother, Seth Lauren, unexpectedly passed away earlier this year, the world was left with a sense of shock and sadness.

As an Instagram celebrity with over 451K followers, Mary quickly shared a heartfelt post expressing her grief and reflecting on all the amazing memories she had created with her beloved brother. The cause of death remains unclear, but the outpouring of love and support for Mary has been immeasurably kind. 

In this article, we will take a closer look at the life and legacy of Seth Lauren, her relationship with her brother Seth, and the cause of his death, as well as explore how Mary is dealing with her loss.

Let’s remember together that although death may be inevitable, its impact can transcend time and borders. 

Who is Mary Lauren?

Mary Lauren is a 33-year-old social media influencer on Instagram with more than 451K followers. She is known for her posts about her life, including her house makeover, family pictures, business, and so much more. 

Mary is married to Clay Gunn with whom she shares four children, Ezra, Curren, and two more. She’s an active mother who constantly posts about her beautiful family on Instagram.

Together with her husband Clay Gunn, she runs Sugarhouse Supply Co., a store based in Salt Lake City that sells jewelry, bags, home decor items, and other products page and Children. She is one of the richest Instagram Influencers with a net worth of over $3.5 million.

Reflections on Mary and Seth’s Relationship:

Mary and Seth were very close siblings who shared many special memories growing up. Mary was 4 years older than Seth, which meant that they had a unique bond since their childhood days.

In the post-Mary wrote in remembrance of her brother, and she recalled his incredible strength as an individual:

“He was my protector and my rock when I needed someone to lean on when life got hard. He was strong in a way that no one else can be, and he was always there for me, no matter what the situation.”

The two were inseparable during their college years, where they both earned degrees from the University of Utah.

Seth was always there for her and even encouraged her to pursue her passions. He was a great listener and had an amazing ability to light up a room with his presence. 

Exploring the Cause of Seth’s Death:

Information about the cause of Seth’s death is still unknown to till day. However, some reports have suggested that it could be related to mental health issues, as he had been struggling for a couple of years prior to his passing. 

Seth had also reportedly suffered from depression and anxiety during his college years which could have played a remembrance

Remarkably, the cause of Seth’s death has not been revealed to this day. Mary says in her post that she was “unable to say goodbye” and that it “hurts too much.” 

Remembering a Special Bond Between Mary and Seth:

Mary and her brother Seth shared a very special bond. In an interview, Mary shares:

“He was the one person who always understood me and accepted me for who I am, no matter what life threw at us.”

Impact of Seth’s Death on Mary Lauren:

Mary has taken her brother’s death hard, and in a heartfelt post expresses that “It hurts too much to say goodbye” and that she “will never be the same without him”. 

To escape the pain, Mary turns to nature for comfort, spends time with her family for strength, and looks on the bright side. She also uses her experience to aid other families through charities that support grieving families and raise awareness about mental health issues. 

Seth may no longer be physically present in her life, his memory still lives on in the hearts of those he touched. To honor him, Mary has reminded all of us to cherish the moments we share with our loved ones because life is indeed fragile and fleeting.

A Tribute to Seth Lauren’s Memory:

On August 21st, Mary posted a touching tribute to her brother Seth on Instagram. She wrote:

“My brother was my world and I will never be the same without him. He filled our lives with laughter, light, and love – it hurts too much to say goodbye. Today we celebrate his life by remembering that he brought us all this day, we honor Seth Lauren and all of his achievements. His warmth, bright spirit, and relentless compassion will live on through the lives he touched. May his memory be forever cherished in our hearts. Rest in power brother. We love you and miss you.”

Mary has since created a charity to help those struggling with mental health behalf of Mary Lauren and the entire family, we thank everyone for their love, support, and understanding during this difficult time.


With the sudden passing of Seth Lauren, Mary, and her family have experienced tremendous sorrow. Even though they are still grieving his loss, they are testing their strength and courage to remember him in the best way possible, by cherishing every moment with those they love and supporting organizations that help raise awareness about mental health issues. 

We hope that Mary’silling story will inspire all of us to live life to the fullest and cherish the moments we share with our loved ones. May Seth’s memory forever be cherished in our hearts. 

Rest in power, Brother. We love you and miss you. 

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