Who Is The Ugliest Person in the World in 2022?

Who Is The Ugliest Person in the World in 2022? Let’s Find to Decide!

Most of us are striving to appear as pleasant-looking as possible and being considered aesthetically pleasing is a collective ambition. However, not everyone is blessed with the fortune of being viewed attractively by others. On the off chance that you are among those few who are considered unsightly, what then?

It’s definitely intriguing to identify who the most aesthetically challenged individual on the planet is, and yearly there are contentions concerning who it could be. In 2022, this discussion keeps going solid and individuals have been supposing who will be delegated as the least fortunate of all. 

Gratefully, various outlets have compiled rosters of possible winners for the prestigious title of the ugliest person in the world and we can all cast our ballots on who should be victorious. Thus, let us take a look at the list and settle upon who will receive the crown as the most unappealing human alive in 2022. 

Defining the concept of Ugliest Person:

Ugly may be in the eye of the beholder, but when it comes to assessing who wears that crown and sash best – what criteria should we use? While physical deformities or abnormalities rightly top most people’s lists, could there actually exist a more nuanced approach for picking out unsightly features beyond appearances alone?

Perceptions of beauty change like the tides, with one individual’s opinion serving as merely a drop in an infinitely shifting sea. Some may see one feature as too big or small for their tastes – but what’s unappealing in one pair of eyes might be striking when viewed through another set.

Beauty is a subjective concept – one person’s vision of ugliness may be another individual’s idea of perfection. When it comes to the hotly contested title for the 2022 Ugliest Person on Earth, choosing who deserves this testament to uniqueness requires careful consideration!

Reasons Why Someone Might Be Considered Ugly:

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, yet society often places disproportionate importance on specific physical features. But to be considered truly beautiful, it’s not about a checklist of traits — beauty is more than skin deep; there are countless personal qualities that make us uniquely attractive!

It’s an unfortunate truth that our smile, eyes, and other facial features can be subject to the harsh evaluation of society. This reality may make us feel judged by appearances alone. A misplaced nose here, some short-sightedness there – even the smallest details can make us appear undesirable in someone else’s eyes. 

And if you thought acne was only an adolescent problem – think again! For many of us adults who haven’t quite conquered those pesky skin imperfections yet, this could mean unwelcome judgment from others too.

Beauty is a mystery that never stops unfolding the power of its complexity goes far beyond skin-deep. Society places a hefty burden of unrealistic body standards on individuals that don’t always fit our collective notion – from strained figures to taunting and discrimination if you happen to stray outside this box – making things “ugly” in no time at all.

Top 10 List of 2022 Most Ugliest Person in the World

Godfrey Baguma:

Godfrey Baguma is living proof that with a bit of ingenuity, tenacity and love in your corner, there’s no mountain you can’t overcome. Despite being born with a facial deformity he never let his hardships define him; instead, showing us all what it truly means to live life at its fullest. 

When faced with illness he had the courage to tackle yet another obstacle head-on: thanks largely due to his beloved wife Kate – not only did she support him through recovery but reminded everyone why true strength and spirit matters most. 

Nowadays we are lucky enough either meet or know this wonderful 47 year old man who sports an infectious smile matched by one equally as wide hearted indeed.

Iggy Pop: 

Music’s wild man Iggy Pop is one of the most beloved artists in America, but you may be surprised to know that he was also named as the country’s ugliest celebrity by none other than The Good Surgeon Guide.

Born James Newell Osterberg Jr. in 1947, Iggy Pop is considered the Godfather of Punk and has been thrilling audiences with his musical stylings for decades. But what some may not know about this Michigan native? 

In 2010, he earned a somewhat dubious title – luckily one that doesn’t require winning any beauty pageants: Oh yeah! He took home top honors as America’s Ugliest Celebrity after 1,300 people weighed in on who should reign supreme amongst an otherwise unseemly bunch. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade I guess it pays to be punk rocker.

Dennis Avner:

Dennis Avner, better known as Stalking Cat, was born with a special connection to felines. As an outsider among his peers in Flint Michigan when he was young, it wasn’t until Grey Cloud christened him “Cat” at ten years old that he felt accepted by someone. 

Despite people questioning the validity of this story and rumors about potential child abuse from his stepfather floating around town – for “Stalking Cat” nature always seemed like home where a close bond between humans & animals still existed.

Jocelyn Wildenstein: 

Jocelyn Wildenstein has been turning heads since her foray into the glamorous world of high society. Born 81 years ago in Lausanne, Switzerland as an American socialite, she’s most famously known for being the ex-wife to billionaire businessman and art dealer – Alec Wildenstein. 

But it wasn’t all diamond rings and caviar; after a too lavish lifestyle led to bankruptcy, she became notorious around the globe due to her extravagantly ugly face which came courtesy of millions spent on plastic surgery with shocking results that make onlookers do a double take.

Donatella Versace:

Donatella Versace has taken the fashion world by storm since taking over her brother Gianni’s company following his untimely death in 1997. A former beauty, she is now more widely known for her botched plastic surgery results rather than the glamorous designs of one of Italy’s most prestigious fashion houses.

Erics Sprague:

Eric Sprague has taken body modification to a whole new level – he’s become an internet sensation for making 700 hours’ worth of extreme changes to his appearance! He split his tongue, filed down teeth into fangs and implanted horns beneath the skin on his brows. 

Not only that but Mr. Lizardman also stretched out both septum and earlobes in order to take on even more scaled features and boy did it pay off. With millions now following him online, this real-life reptile proves anything is possible with enough dedication.

Michael BerryMan:

Michael Berryman is an absolute one-of-a-kind. His unique and unforgettable look can be attributed to the relatively rare Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia, causing his hair, nails, teeth and sweat glands to form abnormally. 

Rather than submitting himself to treatments or surgeries trying and failing at appearing normal, Mr. Berryman embraced what he was born with – making a career out of it that inspired a certain terrifying character in Hills Have Eyes because looking as distinguished different as him needs no horror makeup.

Maison Sere:

Maison Sere stepped up to the plate to take on 35 fellow competitors in 2015, with reigning champion since 2012 looking for a fourth consecutive win. But little did he know that his missing teeth would be enough of an edge. 

With grace and poise – or perhaps just ugly charm – he took home the crown as Mr. Ugly, winning $500 & gaining worldwide recognition for being amongst ugliest people alive today. At 48 years old, this Harare resident has embraced beauty within imperfection like no other.

Etienne Dumont:

Etienne Dumont is quite the trendsetter. This art critic from Switzerland tops this year’s list of the world’s ugliest people, but that doesn’t stop him! He has been an advocate for self-expression ever since 1974 when he began his very own personal body modification journey by getting inked up – literally head to toe and everywhere else too. 

Mr. Dumont also ordered some silicone implants so now he resembles a bull with accents like five centimeter ring through his nose along with pinned spectacles on his face which are apparently still trending. Clearly, love him or hate him; you have to admit: no one can deny that Etiennne Dumnon is not unique AF.

Kala Kaiwi:

This misunderstood man has an appearance that may be chaotic, but his kind soul is anything but. With a body full of tattoos and unique embellishments like silicon-implanted horns and metal spikes on his head – some might mistake him for the shadow of Satan himself. But beneath all these ugly additions lies someone who can only be described as beautiful: both inside & out. 

Despite appearances, this person is incredibly generous with their time always lending compassion to those in need by offering up a listening ear or helping hand whenever they can. So if you ever make assumptions before getting acquainted don’t judge too quickly you never know what’s hiding under chaos until you look beyond skin deep.

Bottom Line:

In 2022, the ugliest person on Earth is still a mystery. With more honorable mentions every day though, it looks like nothing will be able to keep their identity secret for much longer – could they end up being someone totally unexpected? It’s anyone guesses until then.

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