Why did Chema Go to Jail?

Why did Chema Go to Jail? {March 2023}: Who Killed Sara Finale Explained!

Chema’s imprisonment is one of the most heartbreaking plot twists in Who Killed Sara?, Netflix’s thrilling mystery series. He was seen going to prison at the end of Season 2, leaving viewers with many questions – why did Chema go to jail? What was the offense he committed that would lead to his imprisonment, and why did Chema take this drastic measure?  

Well, the finale of Season 3 finally answered these questions and revealed the previously undisclosed component of this complex puzzle. Get ready to find out why Chema was sent to jail, as we uncover the full story behind Who Killed Sara? finale. Let’s dive in! 

Overview of the Netflix show Who Killed Sara:

Chema was sent to jail for the murder of Abel Martinez, Sara’s father. Unbeknownst to Chema and Lorenzo, Clara, their surrogate had been working with Marifer to avenge her mother’s death. When Clara’s ex-boyfriend Moncho appeared at their house with a weapon, Chema and Lorenzo bravely defended themselves and in the struggle, Moncho was fatally wounded. 

Lorenzo and Chema initially decide to keep the murder hidden, however, once Clara is tragically murdered, Chema takes responsibility for all three deaths – his own surrogate’s death as well as Abel Martinez’s. 

By taking the blame on himself, he not only releases Lorenzo from any punishment but also saves Alex, who was the leading suspect in Abel’s murder. Chema was deeply fond of Alex and understood that by taking the blame upon himself, he would exonerate his brother from any accusation and enable him to keep searching for Sara’s murderer. 

The heartbreaking truth is that Chema’s imprisonment was a noble act of self-sacrifice, driven by his love for both Alex and Lorenzo. In the end, Chema is seen walking free from prison in the Who Killed Sara? the finale, as Alex takes responsibility for Abel’s death. 

So there you have it – this is why Chema went to jail and why he took the drastic measure of turning himself in. Chema’s courageous move was a thrilling journey, and it ultimately illustrates that even when despair appears inevitable, someone will always rise to the challenge to save the day. ill always step forward to save the day. 

Exploring Chema’s Character and Dungeon Drama:

Chema was one of the three Lazcano siblings, and his family rejected him because of his sexuality. In Season 2, Chema and Lorenzo began to plan a family by choosing Clara as their surrogate mother. 

However, things got complicated when Moncho, Clara’s aggressive ex-boyfriend showed up at their house threatening to kill them. In self-defense, the couple fought Moncho and ended up killing him. To conceal the crime, they buried his body in Alex’s backyard without informing anyone about it. 

As if this was not enough, Chema also confesses to killing Sara’s father Abel Martinez, who was found dead in Alex’s backyard too. 

Chema’s Imprisonment :

The reason Chema was sent to jail was that Abel Martinez’s murder was considered a serious crime. It does not help that Alex is the prime suspect in this case and on the brink of getting sent back to prison, which is why Chema takes it upon himself to clear his brother’s name and goes to prison instead.

The motive behind Chema’s decision is simple – he was willing to do anything in order to protect Alex and prevent him from being sent back to jail. Despite the risks, he chose to take responsibility for Abel’s murder, enabling Alex to continue investigating Sara’s death.

The sacrifice Chema makes is both noble and heart-breaking, as he gives up his freedom for the sake of his brother. He also finally finds redemption for himself in this act of selflessness, as it allows him to put an end to all the guilt and regret that has been haunting him ever since Sara’s death.

Who Killed Sara Finale Explained:

Alex was determined to find out who killed Sara, but his own freedom was not guaranteed. With Chema off the hook, he could finally breathe a sigh of relief – yet this did not resolve all his problems as Alex’s name still lingered on the notorious suspect list. Unfazed by these complications, Alex continued with unwavering dedication toward uncovering Sara’s ultimate killer.

The show ends with a dramatic twist as we find out that it was José María who killed Sara. He was the mastermind behind all the murders, as he had a hand in planning and executing every single one of them – from Abel to Clara and Moncho. 

José María’s motive for killing Sara is finally revealed, too – she found out about his shady activities and he feared that she would expose him. Hence, José María was left with no choice but to eliminate her in order to safeguard his prestige. 

In the end, Chema’s noble act of self-sacrifice enabled Alex to uncover Jose Maria as the real killer and exonerate himself from any accusation. Chema’s imprisonment illustrates that even when all hope seems lost, someone will rise to the challenge and save the day. 

Why Did Chema Go to Jail:

Chema bravely sacrificed his own freedom to keep Alex out of harm’s way and honorably accepted the consequences for a crime he never committed. In an act of selflessness, this heroic brother stood between Alex and justice. 

This brave act of heroism eventually unveiled the murderer responsible for Sara’s death – José María. Thanks to the tenacity of Alex and the selflessness of Chema, they managed to discover the hidden truth behind Sara’s passing. 

Chema’s incarceration speaks volumes to the unwavering dedication one can have for their beloved, and that even in the darkest of times there is always someone who will step up and put right what was wrong. In this case, it was Chema who dedicated his freedom to clearing Alex’s name and in the end, justice prevailed. 

What Led Up To Chema Going To Jail?

The events that led to Chema’s imprisonment were first set in motion when Sara discovered José María’s shady activities and threatened to expose him. This prompted José María to find a way of killing her before she could share this evidence with anyone else. 

In order to accomplish his scheme, José María recruited the assistance of his minions, Abel and Clara. Then, he strategically manipulated the events so that Alex would be framed as the murderer. 

As a result of this chain of events, Chema found himself in an impossible situation – if Alex were to go to prison for Sara’s murder, then their family would be destroyed forever. This was why he decided to take the blame and accept his fate. 

By making the ultimate sacrifice, Chema allowed Alex to uncover the truth and achieve justice. However, this victory came at an immense cost while Sara’s murderer faced their comeuppance, so too did poor Chema – who was stripped of his most valuable asset freedom.

Wrap Up:

Chema demonstrated immense courage and altruism when he decided to take the blame for his brother’s mistakes, even if it cost him dearly by taking away his freedom. Along with justice came a powerful reminder that courage and hope can triumph in any situation – no matter how dire. 

We are forever moved by this extraordinary demonstration of familial love. A story is so engaging yet sorrowful that it imparts a valuable lesson: When those we love require our assistance, we must be prepared to go the extra mile in safeguarding them and maintaining hope despite difficult circumstances. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is Chema in jail?

Yes, Chema faces an unjust fate in jail, condemned for a crime he never committed – implicated for Sara’s murder without evidence.

What happened to José María? 

José María was apprehended and found guilty of multiple murders, including that of Sara; a heinous crime spree brought to an abrupt end.

Was Chema’s sacrifice worth it? 

Yes, Chema was a true hero, having the strength and conviction to put his own life on the line for Alex’s cause. His courageous action made it possible for justice to be found in Sara’s story.

What is the moral of the story? 

With courage and determination, plus a healthy dose of family love, we can even beat the toughest obstacles life throws our way.

Why did Chema kill Abel?

Chema was an innocent man, wrongfully accused of a crime he certainly did not commit – in reality, it had been José María who killed Abel in order to prevent him from blowing the whistle.

What happened to Clara? 

Clara’s plot to assist José María in Sara’s murder ended with her guilty verdict and a long stint behind bars. But, before she was taken away to serve out her sentence, she dropped some vital intel that would eventually lead Alex on the path toward justice for Sara.

What happens to Chema at the end of Season 3?

Chema demonstrated true courage and resilience as he faced adversity – emerging from prison with justice served. His actions serve to inspire us all that even in the darkest of circumstances, hope can yet prevail.

Did Chema kill Moncho?

No, Chema did not kill Moncho. He was framed and sentenced for a crime he didn’t commit. Moncho was killed by José María in an attempt to cover up the truth about Sara’s murder. However, his plan failed when Alex uncovered the truth with help from Clara. Chema’s sacrifice allowed justice to be served and for the truth to be revealed. 

Did Chema go to jail willingly? 

Yes, Chema made a heroic decision, sacrificing himself and facing prison time to keep his brother out of trouble. He was willing to suffer the consequences so that their family would remain intact – an act of true selflessness and courage

Why was Sara murdered? 

Sara tragically lost her life to the cold hands of José María, who was desperate to erase his own sins by silencing any evidence that threatened his freedom.

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