5 Letter Word Starting with LO and Ending with AL

5 Letter Word Starting with LO and Ending with AL

For word game enthusiasts and Wordle players, knowing a variety of words can be incredibly beneficial. Today, we’re focusing on a specific set: 5-letter words starting with LO and ending with AL. This category might seem niche, but it’s quite interesting when you dive into it.

Big List of Words

Here are the words that fit this criteria:

  • Local
  • Loyal

Although this list is short, each word packs a punch in terms of usability and meaning.

Wordle Hints for ‘LO’ and ‘AL’

When to Use These Words

If your Wordle puzzle reveals the letters ‘LO’ at the beginning and ‘AL’ at the end, you’ve got a small yet powerful list to choose from.

Exploring Each Word


“Local” refers to something or someone belonging to a particular area or neighborhood.


“Loyal” describes faithfulness or a strong feeling of allegiance.

Usage in Sentences

  • Local: “We prefer buying local produce.”
  • Loyal: “Her loyal dog never left her side.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these the only words that fit the ‘LO’ and ‘AL’ criteria?

A: Yes, “local” and “loyal” are the most commonly used words that meet these specifications.

Q: How can knowing these words benefit me in Wordle?

A: With a limited set of options, you can guess more accurately in your Wordle game.


“Local” and “loyal” aren’t just 5-letter words; they’re keys to mastering word games and enhancing your vocabulary. Keep these in your word arsenal for your next Wordle challenge!

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