5 Letter Words That Start With ON

5 Letter Words That Start With ON

Are you a word game enthusiast or a Wordle player looking for 5-letter words that start with ‘ON’? This list might be exactly what you need. These words are not only useful for word games but also for expanding your vocabulary.

Big List of Words

  • Onset
  • Onion
  • Once
  • Oncet (an archaic form of once)
  • Onto

Understanding Each Word


“Onset” refers to the beginning of something, often used in the context of events or phenomena.


Onion” is a common kitchen staple, known for its pungent taste and aroma.


“Once” is used to signify a one-time occurrence.


“Oncet” is an older form of “once,” rarely used in modern English.


“Onto” is a preposition that indicates movement towards a surface.

Wordle Hints for Words Starting with ON

If your Wordle puzzle starts with ‘ON’, think about the length and structure of common words. Here are some tips:

  • Onset: Look for a puzzle that seems to depict the start of something.
  • Onion: A great guess if food or cooking might be the context.
  • Once: Useful for puzzles hinting at a singular event.
  • Oncet: Consider this word for a more challenging or historical-themed puzzle.
  • Onto: Ideal for a puzzle indicating movement or direction.

In Context: Usage in Sentences

  • Onset: “The onset of winter brought snow.”
  • Onion: “She sliced the onion for the salad.”
  • Once: “I visited that museum once last year.”
  • Oncet: “In his stories, he spoke of a time oncet forgotten.”
  • Onto: “The cat jumped onto the windowsill.”

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