Elden Ring Where to Get the Best Samurai Armor

Elden Ring Where to Get the Best Samurai Armor – An Ultimate Guide

The Lands Between in Elden Ring provide no scarcity of dangers, that is why equipping the quality shielding samurai equipment is crucial. While the starting samurai armor presents respectable protection, you’ll need to upgrade as soon as possible.

In this manual, we’re going to cover in which to find the pinnacle samurai armor sets in Elden Ring and the way to attain them. With the right tools, you may overcome any foe that stands in your manner.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Land of Reeds set is the first-rate early sport samurai armor, purchased from an Isolated Merchant in Northern Caelid.
  • The ambitious White Reed set is found in Spiritcaller’s Cave at Mountaintops of the Giants.
  • Other remarkable alternatives include Ronin’s Set, Briar Set, Mausoleum Knight Set, and extra observed all through the world.
  • Upgrade armor at Sites of Grace or with Blacksmiths the use of Runes and Smithing Stones.
  • Talismans just like the Dragoncrest Shield Talisman can bolster your armor’s harm negation.

Where to Get the Land of Reeds Armor

The Land of Reeds Armor Set is many samurai players’ first tremendous armor improve. It affords exceptional protection for its low weight and may be purchased early from an Isolated Merchant discovered in Northern Caelid, simply next to the Isolated Merchant’s Shack Site of Grace.

This mild set includes a strong lamellar cuirass with shoulder guards, gauntlets, and greaves. It costs 4500 runes and presents notably better protection than your starting armor. With high damage negation and simply 12.9 weight, it’s ideal for early game

Acquiring the White Reed Armor Set

Once you reach the snowy Mountaintops of the Giants later for your adventure, make certain to delve into Spiritcaller’s Cave to locate the splendid White Reed armor set. This hanging set gives even higher safety on the fee of expanded weight.

To find it, you may want to make your way deep into Spiritcaller’s Cave, navigating past many wolf spirits. Look for a frame in a tunnel near the bottom of the cave keeping the White Reed armor. You’ll want two Stonesword Keys to get entry to this cave.

Also, defeat the boss Bloody Finger Okina on the Apostate Derelict to get the Okina Mask, part of the White Reed set. This boss is located at the southwest cliffs of the snowfields.

With excessive damage negation and poise, the White Reed set is brilliant for mid to past due recreation Samurai builds. It does weigh almost 20 units though, so excessive Endurance is suggested.

Eight excellent samurai armors, here are a few other brilliant units to find:

  • Ronin’s Set – Found at Sage’s Cave in Limgrave. Strong poison resistance.
  • Briar Set – Sold by means of Enia for 8400 runes. Very excessive robustness and consciousness.
  • Mausoleum Knight Set – Dropped by Ancient Hero of Zamor at Deeproot Depths. Excellent harm negation.
  • Black Knife Set – At Black Knife Catacombs in Liurnia. Boosts important hits.
  • Raging Wolf Set – Defeat Bloodhound Knight at Lenne’s Rise, Mt. Gelmir. Raises assault energy.
  • Bull-Goat Set – Clear Volcano Manor questline and defeat Rykard. Massive poise and defense.
  • Beast Champion Set – Found at Farum Azula. Strength increase, immunity to beast roar.

Upgrading Your Elden Ring Samurai Armor

To get the most from your armor sets, you may want to enhance them by means of upgrading. This permanently enhances their stats and defense.

You can improve armor at any Site of Grace by means of selecting “Upgrade Armament.” It takes Runes and Smithing Stones corresponding to the improve stage.

Alternatively, go to one of the diverse Blacksmiths like Hewg to upgrade equipment. Purchasing Smithing Stone gadgets from merchants is another manner to find stones for upgrading.

Finally, Talismans just like the Dragoncrest Shield Talisman can immediately improve your ready armor’s harm negation, including another layer of protection.


With the great samurai armor equipped, you could face up to any attack thrown your way inside the realm of Elden Ring. Seek out sets just like the Land of Reeds early on, then upgrade to White Reed once available. Use Runes and Smithing Stones to decorate armor over time.

Stay vigilant for your quest to turn out to be Elden Lord. With properly strengthened armor, no enemy stands a hazard at stopping you!

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