How to Get a Mosaic in Merge Mansion

How to Get a Mosaic in Merge Mansion[Jan 2023]: Solving the Puzzle!

It’s the time of the year when we all don our Santa hats and struggle to solve the puzzles in Merge Mansion. If you are stuck on how to get a Mosaic for the Old Well in Merge Mansion, then you have come to the right place. 

Are you ready to tackle the tantalizing tasks of Merge Mansion? In this engrossing puzzle game, it’s time to restore an ancient estate that has been abandoned for 40 years. 

As you make your way through various areas trying to uncover hidden secrets and return the family house back to its former glory – be sure not to take a detour around Mosaic. 

This blog post will guide you through all the steps needed to acquire one and how to make the most of seasonal events happening in Merge Mansion.

It might seem challenging at first but following these sections will help guide you on how best to obtain it so all is good in the Boulton household again. 

 So let’s get started and restore the Boulton family estate.

What is Merge Mansion:

Get ready to test your brain power with Merge Mansion. If you thought merging was just a fun pastime, think again. Merge Mansion has taken the art of combining to new heights. With dozens of hours’ worth of gameplay and an intriguing plot that will keep your mind occupied until the very end, this game is guaranteed to provide some puzzle-solving entertainment. 

You will have access to tons of features such as “Merge Method” which allows you to develop your own strategies along with hidden secrets waiting to be discovered throughout its castle grounds – after fifty years without inhabitants it really needs someone like yourself willing to take on the challenge and restore all those ancient walls before disaster strikes.

What is Mosaic in Merge Mansion?

Mosaic is one of the items that you can acquire in Merge Mansion. It is usually dropped by Drawer, which also requires players to work their way through many levels before they are able to obtain it. 

This particular item has a unique function and can be used for various tasks such as merging stone cans, upgrading the quality of items, and even unlocking various secret treasures if you manage to combine them in the right order. 

When looking for a Mosaic in Merge Mansion, be sure to look out for seasonal events as they can provide additional rewards such as Bronze Coins or Gems which can help speed up your progress. 

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you take part in these events if you want to increase your chances of getting a Mosaic quickly. Once you have the Mosaic, it is then time to use your newfound item for the greater good restoring the Old Well and its former glory.

Basics of Obtaining Mosaic in Merge Mansion:

In order to acquire a Mosaic, you will need to take part in seasonal events or complete certain levels of the storyline. The quickest way to obtain one is by completing tasks during the Winter Holiday event which gives rewards such as Water Leaf, Bronze Coins, and Gems – all of which are necessary for unlocking secrets and upgrades. 

When it comes to how to make the stone can in Merge Mansion, you must first have a Mosaic. To do this, combine two same-colored pieces from the Stone Can section of your inventory. Then look for matching pieces on the game board and merge them together until you get a fully completed set of the Stone Can.

Once you have the Stone Can in your inventory, you can then use it to upgrade items or unlock secrets and other special items.

How to Get a Mosaic in Merge Mansion:

  • Start by gathering Shrapnel from Vases and Ship it in a Bottle.
  • Merge the Shrapnel to create a Mosaic of the required level.
  • Ensure that you break Vases only when they are at level 3 or below and not beyond it, as this will cause them to disappear completely instead of providing you with Shrapnel.
  • You can also combine two or more Mosaics to increase their level, up to the required one.
  • Keep merging and combining until you have a Mosaic of the specified level that is needed for completing your objective in Merge Mansion.
  • Upon successful completion of your task, you will be rewarded with coins and XP.
  • Finally, you can use the coins or XPs to upgrade your levels in Merge Mansion

So now that you know how to get a mosaic in Merge Mansion, the only thing left is for you to take on the challenge and restore it to its former glory. With your skills of merging and combining, along with rewards and hidden treasures waiting for discovery, Merge Mansion can provide hours upon hours of fun-filled puzzle-solving entertainment.

Breaking Down Vases and Acquiring Shrapnel:

Now that you know how to get a Mosaic in Merge Mansion, it’s important to break down Vases and acquire Shrapnel. 

The first step is to locate the right kind of Vase – there are three levels (1-3) so make sure you are breaking down only those that have not advanced beyond level 3. 

Once you have located the right Vase, break it down with your trusty hammer and pick up the Shrapnel that falls out. These pieces can then be combined to form a Mosaic of the specified level. 

With enough practice, you will soon be able to create even more intricate designs while breaking down Vases and acquiring Shrapnel.

Get a Sailing Ship and Shrapnel by Breaking the Bottle:

Another way to obtain a Mosaic in Merge Mansion is by breaking open Bottles. Inside these bottles, you will find a Sailing Ship along with Shrapnel pieces which can be combined to create the desired artifact or upgrade.

In order to break the Bottle, you will need to first use your hammer and then rotate it around until it breaks open. These bottles come with various rewards depending on how long they have been stored – the longer they are left, the better the rewards. Be sure to break these bottles as soon as possible to maximize your chances of getting the best rewards.

Once broken, you will acquire the Sailing Ship and Shrapnel which can then be combined to form a Mosaic of the prescribed level.

Merging Stages of Shrapnel for Mosaic Creation:

Now that you have acquired the necessary Shrapnel, it’s time to combine them into a Mosaic. The merging process is divided into two stages – first, you need to merge the same level pieces together and then upgrade them to the required level.

To do this, select two or more same-level pieces on your game board and merge them together. This will create a higher-level piece which you can then use to combine with other pieces until you have the desired Mosaic level.

Once you have merged all the pieces together, you will be able to use them for upgrading items or unlocking secrets in Merge Mansion.

Make the Most of Seasonal Events Happening In Merge Mansion:

Merge Mansion is full of surprises and every season brings new events and rewards for you to explore.

Keep an eye out for the various seasonal events happening in Merge Mansion, these provide a great way to get creative with how you construct a Mosaic. Events like Easter, Halloween, and Christmas come with their own unique rewards and challenges which you can take advantage of to acquire additional Shrapnel or other resources.

You can take part in these seasonal events to get new items, coins, XPs, and even rare Mosaics. Keep a lookout on the game board and make sure you are aware of all the activities happening in Merge Mansion so that you do not miss out on any rewards.

With these seasonal events, how to get a mosaic in Merge Mansion can become much easier and you may even find yourself with enough coins and XPs to upgrade your levels faster than ever before. 

Wrapping Up:

Merge Mansion provides a fun and challenging way to explore puzzles, break down vases and bottles, and create your own unique Mosaics. With the right strategy and some patience, how to get a mosaic in Merge Mansion can become much easier. 

Take advantage of seasonal events happening in the game, combine Shrapnel pieces together, and upgrade them to the required level. With the help of these steps, you can soon become an expert at creating Mosaics in Merge Mansion. 

So get ready to create your own Mosaics and upgrade your items by breaking down Vases, Bottles, and participating in seasonal events.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How many mosaics do you need in the merge mansion?

Generally, in Merge Mansion, Mosaics are the key to completing Daily Quests and unlocking 16 areas of Old Well. Unlocking all 12 items in the Mosaic chain is no simple feat but it promises a reward worth your effort.

Can I get rewards from seasonal events?

Yes, Seasonal events in Merge Mansion come with a variety of rewards depending on how long they have been stored. Be sure to take part in these seasonal events to get coins, XPs, new items, and even rare Mosaics.

What is a vase?

Vases are containers that can be broken open to acquiring rewards. These rewards often include coins, XPs, and Shrapnel which is used for creating higher-level Mosaics. Be sure to break these Vases as soon as possible before their contents expire. 

What is the sailing ship?

The Sailing Ship is a powerful item acquired when breaking Vases and Bottles in Merge Mansion. It is the highest-level item that can be used to create unique Mosaics. Be sure to use it on time as its effects only last for a limited time.

Do I get rewards for breaking bottles?

Yes, when you break open Bottles in Merge Mansion, you can acquire special rewards in the form of coins, XPs, and Shrapnel.

Can I upgrade my Mosaics?

Yes, upgrading your Mosaics is an important part of how to get a mosaic in Merge Mansion. You can use Shrapnel and coins to upgrade your Mosaics and unlock new levels, items, and secrets. 

Can I use a mosaic for other purposes?

Yes, you can also use Mosaics to upgrade items, unlock secrets, and even purchase rewards in Merge Mansion. Make sure you use them wisely. 

Do I need coins and XPs to merge pieces?

No, Coins and XPs are not necessary for merging pieces in Merge Mansion. However, you do need coins and XPs to upgrade your Mosaics so be sure to save up on them. 

Do I need special items for combining Shrapnel?

No, you do not necessarily require any special items to combine Shrapnel but it can make the process much faster. Special items such as Magnets and Magnetic Shields will help you combine Shrapnel even faster so be sure to keep an eye out for them. 

How do you get merge mansion shrapnel?

Shrapnel can be acquired by breaking open Vases and Bottles in Merge Mansion. The higher the level of the Vase, the more Shrapnel it will contain. You can also find special items such as Magnets and Magnetic Shields which will help you combine Shrapnel even faster. 

What is a merged mansion?

Merge Mansion is a fun, puzzle-solving game developed by Gram Games. In Merge Mansion, you can break open Vases, Bottles and combine Shrapnel to create unique Mosaics which can be used to upgrade items, unlock secrets, and acquire rewards. 

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