Is Concosua Legit Or A Scam?

Is Concosua Legit Or A Scam? [Reviews 2023]: What You Should Know Before Purchasing!

It’s important to do your research when looking into new online stores. With so many scams and frauds out there, it can be hard to tell which sites are legit and secure. is a new online store selling dining chairs and furniture in the United States and Cannada, but is it safe for shopping?

Read on to learn what customers have been saying about their experiences with this store, plus find out if they pass the legitimacy test. Investigate all angles so you can be sure that will meet your expectations before doing any purchasing.

Know About

Looking for the perfect chair to complete your room setup? Check out Concosua, the new online store with attractive chairs and unbeatable prices. is the perfect destination for furnishing your dream room. Their quality chairs are sure to give an attractive and stylish look, all at unbeatable prices. Yet with so many online stores available these days, you may be wondering, Is Legit?

Rest assured that this new site has great policies that ensure total customer comfort from delivery terms to security measures. 

What are the Specifications of

  • Website URL: 
  • Creation Date: November 30, 2021 
  • Contact Number: +1 (202) 980-9146  
  • Email Address: [email protected] 
  • Physical Address: Concosua LLC, 304 S Jones Blvd. Suite 3016, Las Vegas, NV 89107 
  • High-quality furniture at unbeatable prices: Concosua offers a wide variety of chairs, tables, and other pieces of furniture that is both stylish and affordable.
  • Shipping Time: 1-3 Business Days 
  • Delivery Time: 8-12 Business Days 
  • Returns Policy: Free Returns Within 30 Business Days 
  • Refunds Processed: 10-14 Business Days After Inspection 
  • Payment Options: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Discover, American Express 
  • Secure Shipping: Additional Charges May Apply from the Recipient.  
  • The website is protected with a secure SSL connection to ensure the safety of your financial information when making purchases online.
  • Social Media Links: Mentioned. 

What are the Potential Benefits of using

  • offers a secure connection with a valid HTTPS protocol, allowing customers to shop securely and with peace of mind. 
  • The site provides detailed contact information, including phone numbers and emails, to ensure customer service is easily accessible. 
  • Customers can find affordable prices on their products that are still exciting and rewarding at the same time. 
  • offers a wide selection of items, meaning customers can find exactly what they are looking for without having to settle for something else due to limited options. 
  • All payments are processed quickly and smoothly, ensuring transactions finish in record time without any issues or delays along the way. 
  • With Concosua’s loyalty program and rewards system, customers can save even more money when shopping from the site making it an even better option than before
  • Customer service is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns customers may have about their orders or purchases from Concosua’s website. 
  • Concosua prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else so if you are ever unhappy with your order or experience with the website simply reach out and their team will make sure things get sorted out as soon as possible.

What are the Potential Drawbacks of using

  • may be a new kid on the block, but they have already made quite a few enemies with their dodgy delivery times and botched refund process. 
  • Concosua has yet to make a splash on any of the major social media platforms, so try not to get too attached. 
  • Who thought free returns were a good idea? Concosua’s refund policy may leave you out of pocket if your products do not pass inspection. 
  • Copied content is often the last thing you want to find when shopping online, so watch out for duplications on the site before you buy.
  • Do not let images deceive you. Concosua has only four product images, so you may not be getting the full picture of what your furniture will look like. 
  • Their physical address might be misleading as some customers have not been able to locate their store after placing an order. 

Is Legit Or A Scam?

At the end of the day, it’s hard to ignore all of the red flags that brings with it. Here’s a list of reasons why you should think twice before trusting

  • Do not gamble away your hard-earned money on
  • Concosua is a fresh face on the web and not to be trusted blindly.
  • Trust in the 1% trust score of Concosua and you will be fooling yourself.
  • Beware, may leave you out of pocket if things do not go according to plan.
  • If you are looking for original content, is not your one-stop shop, 90% of copied content is from other blacklisted sites.
  • An extra charge of shipping fees may surprise you if you order from Concosua.
  • Do not trust a website with only one review – Concosua should be avoided.
  • Poor customer service makes a shady choice.
  • Concosua’s physical address remains elusive to many customers, best stay away.
  • Do not be fooled by concosua’s four product images – you won’t get the full picture.
  • Free returns are only free until they end up costing you more than expected.
  • Do not let concosua’s lack of social media presence fool you, they may not be as legit as they claim.

Concosua is Legit or A Scam? You decide. Do not take concosua’s word for it look beyond the surface before investing. Keep your hard-earned cash away from Concosua – there are better options out there.

Customers Reviews:

Are you considering using a certain internet site? Before making the decision, look for customer reviews to get an honest opinion on its trustworthiness. While expecting multiple reviews within one month can seem ambitious, be extra cautious when negative feedback arises. 

In this particular case, it’s alleged that the website does not actually complete payment processing but simply requires bank details from customers without properly refunding if scammed via credit card. Better safe than sorry, investigate further before taking any risks with your hard-earned cash.

Bottom Line:

Do not let dinner conversations get stale, invest in some new chairs instead. Beware of the risks in online shopping. may be one to avoid, as according to reviews it could leave you with more than an empty wallet or even a fraudulent item on your doorstep instead of the perfect dining chairs you’d been dreaming about. 

Fraudulent PayPal practices should also remain at top-of-mind while perusing any web stores so hold onto those credit cards and shop smartly and safely. Got something else weighing heavy on your mind after reading this review? Throw us a comment below we want to hear what other shoppers think too.

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