Trente Clothing Reviews - 2023

Trente Clothing Reviews {Feb 2023}: Find Out If This Site Is Legit Or Not!

If you are searching for a reliable online destination to find the stylish moving dresses of your dreams, then look no further. Trente Clothing has everything you need to make sure you hit the dance floor looking like a total star. 

Featuring an array of bodysuits, skirts, tops, and dresses that do not break the bank, this one-stop fashion shop is exactly what savvy shoppers are looking for. Plus, with its mainly targeting popular countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, customers can rest assured that their shopping experiences will be top-notch every single time. 

Why not take a few minutes to read some rave reviews about Trente Clothing? You just might be convinced to click add to cart before you know it.

About Trente Clothing:

Get your groove on every day – at home, on the dance floor, or wherever, Trente Clothing has been lighting up the dance floors since 2013, providing savvy go-getters with everything they need to strut their stuff. 

Trente Clothing store has all of your dancewear wardrobes that need to be taken care of, with fashion-forward styles and quality pieces that won’t break the bank. With options that range from bodysuits to dresses, you can find the perfect addition to any enviable look. 

And thanks to their international shipping service, you can show off your moves in no time no matter where you are. With Trente Clothing’s stylish and affordable apparel, life does not have to be just about standing still.

What are the Features of Trente Clothing?

  • Website URL:
  • Newsletter Availability: Yes
  • Domain Creation Date: July 2013
  • Shipping Charges: Free international delivery on orders over 300€
  • Delivery Time: 48 – 72 hours
  • Email Address: [email protected], [email protected]
  • Company Address: Unavailable
  • Telephone Number: +33 (0) 649498001
  • Social Media Icons: Available on the landing page
  • Payment Method: Not mentioned – Return Policy: Within 30 days
  • Exchange Policy: Not mentioned
  • Refund Policy: Not mentioned
  • Category: Clothing The legitimacy of this website is yet to be determined as we have not come across any customer reviews except on its Facebook page. It has been active since 2013 and offers free international delivery on orders over 300€.

What are the Pros & Cons of Shopping at Trente Clothing:


  • Secure website with HTTPS protection
  • Multiple E-Mail addresses for customer service and returns
  • Wide selection of stylish clothing pieces
  • Fast shipping options available
  • Free international delivery on orders over 300€


  • Little information regarding the exchange policy and refund policy
  • Limited availability outside of the U.S. and U.K.
  • No exchange policy mentioned
  • Company contact information is not easily accessible

Key Checkpoints That Will Help You Scrutinize The Site’s Legitimacy:

These days, you should not let yourself get scammed by any online shopping website without properly vetting its authenticity first. To help you make sure Trente Clothing is the real deal, here are some key checkpoints to look out for: 

  • Domain Creation Date: 22nd July 2013, will remain active until February 7th, 2023.  
  • Trust score: 88% 
  • Index Rank: above-average 75.8/100 
  • Alexa rank: no results found 
  • Customer feedback: none available on the official website 
  • Social media presence: active on Facebook and Instagram 
  • Address originality: company office address missing from the website 
  • Policies: limited info available  
  • Copied Content: Published web content of average quality 
  • Owner’s information: nothing stated about the site’s owner 
  • Unrealistic discounts: none available on the website. 

By keeping these points in mind, you can make sure that is a legitimate site and that your shopping experience with them will be smooth and secure.

Is This Online Shopping Site Legit or Not?

Trente Clothing is still a relatively unknown website and it does not have enough customer feedback yet to help you conclude if it’s legit or not. Its trust score is sufficient and the site seems to be working fine, however, there is some missing information that should give you pause before investing in its products. 

We suggest further investigation into their policies, customer feedback, and owner’s information to make sure this is a website you can trust. Once you are satisfied with the available data, you should be able to safely shop at 

Be sure to check in on their new styles regularly and take advantage of their free international shipping when possible.

What Are Shoppers Saying About Trente Clothing?

It’s quite rare to see an online clothing retailer boasting a 5-star rating on its Facebook page these days. But, upon further inspection, it quickly becomes discernible that something is off with this website. 

Despite the glowing reviews you can find on social media, there is strangely a dearth of real customer feedback elsewhere. If a brand is proud of its quality and service, they generally want the whole world to know and not just the inhabitants of Facebook. 

Let’s just say, here at least buyer beware is especially relevant advice.

Wrapping Up:

Trust your gut when it comes to online shopping, and always do your research before placing an order with Trente Clothing. Though their selection of clothing pieces is stylish and their shipping options are fast, there still is not enough information available yet to determine the legitimacy of this site. 

Be sure to investigate further into their policies, customer feedback, and owner’s information before you trust them with your hard-earned money. With the right precautionary measures, Trente Clothing can be a great shopping resource.

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