Silver Dragon Pet Sim X

Silver Dragon Pet Sim X: Tips and Tricks for Obtaining – 2024!

Achieving the elusive Silver Dragon pet in Pet Simulator X requires luck, patience and knowing where to look. This step-by-step guide for 2024 reveals foolproof tips to unlock this rare mythical creature.

Getting your hands on the renowned Silver Dragon in the popular Roblox game Pet Simulator X (PSX) is no easy feat but brings great rewards if successful. Here are the key steps:

Locating the Silver Dragon Eggs

The Silver Dragon hatches from two different eggs in PSX:

  • Egg of Many Gifts – Found in Christmas World, requires 1.25M resources to unlock and only available during Christmas event.
  • Rainbow Egg – Located in Christmas World, unlocks at Rainbow Level 106b and Golden Level 46b.

Both eggs have extremely low hatch rates for the Silver Dragon.

Hatch Percentages and Odds

  • Egg of Many Gifts: Unknown hatch chance
  • Rainbow Egg: 0.00963% Silver Dragon chance

With odds like these, obtaining it through hatching requires tremendous luck.

Alternative Ways to Get the Silver Dragon

Rather than rely purely on hatching, alternative options include:

  • Participating in giveaways and competitions with Silver Dragon as prize
  • Trading with other Pet Simulator X players
  • Checking the daily rotating shop for Silver Dragon offers
  • Using Silver Dragon promo codes if available

While still challenging, these methods offer better chances than hatching alone.

Vital Tips to Hatch the Silver Dragon

If still opting to hatch the Silver Dragon, utilize these tips:

  • Stockpile resources – Have at least 1.25M resources on hand before attempting Egg of Many Gifts
  • Unlock higher levels – Reach Rainbow Level 106b and Golden Level 46b to access the Rainbow Egg
  • Use luck boosts – Equip Charm of Myths collar and Premium Stat Boost potions
  • Watch ads – Get free gems and coin bonuses to spend on eggs
  • Try during events – Increased Silver Dragon odds during certain holiday events
ResourceRecommended Amount
Gold Coins500M+
Silver Keys750K+
Silver Tokens2M+

Having ample resources like these is vital to secure the Silver Dragon successfully through hatching eggs.

Why Obtain the Silver Dragon Pet?

Here are key reasons to obtain this ultra-rare pet in PSX:

  • Highest gem multiplier among mythical pets – 55x gems
  • Unique status symbol and bragging rights
  • Excellent for trading up to even rarcer exclusives
  • Mythical rarity makes it highly valuable
  • Perfect pet for high tier gem grinding

Estimated Value of Silver Dragon in Trading

The Silver Dragon’s immense rarity makes it very valuable for trading. Here are the typical trade values:

  • Lowest Value: 3-4 Exclusive Pets, 2 DM Exclusives
  • Fair Value: 10-20 Exclusives, 1 Secret Exclusive
  • Highest Value: 25+ Exclusives, Multiple Secrets

Knowing these values lets you maximize returns when trading the Silver Dragon.

Available Silver Dragons in Pet Simulator X

There are a finite amount of Silver Dragons circulating in PSX at any given time. The estimated counts are:

Normal Silver Dragon~130
Rainbow Silver Dragon~50
Golden Silver Dragon~15
Diamond Silver Dragon~5

Because of these ultra-low counts, every Silver Dragon obtained is a monumental achievement for Pet Simulator X gamers.

Bottom Line

  • Obtaining the mythical Silver Dragon in Pet Simulator X takes luck, patience and the right strategy.
  • Focus on amassing resources and utilize alternative acquisition methods beyond egg hatching alone.
  • The Silver Dragon offers huge rewards once acquired such as top-tier gem grinding and valuable trading leverage.
  • Understanding its rarity and scarcity will help maximize your efforts unlocking this coveted pet.

Follow these tips diligently in your quest to finally bag the elusive Silver Dragon in 2024!

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