BMF Members Who Snitched

BMF Members Who Snitched: The Rise and Fall of the Black Mafia Family

Big Meech and the Black Mafia Family (BMF) have emerge as synonymous with gangsta rap lifestyle. For almost a long time, BMF has held a presence in both the music scene and criminal global alike.

In 2005, Big Meech become arrested for racketeering which soon caused a chain of confessions from individuals of his inner circle who snitched on their boss.

Explore with us today how those confessions undermined the energy base that when belonged completely to Big Meech – exposing those who were all too inclined to give up secrets in alternate for leniency from the law.

Who is Big Meech?

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, in June 1968 was none other than the enigmatic Demetrius Flenory – greater infamously referred to as “Big Meech”. After launching his very own agency, BMF (Black Mafia Family), Big Meech soon have become considered one of its maximum notorious figures.

What is the Black Mafia Family?

The notorious BMF, a criminal corporation that wreaked havoc within the US from the 80s to mid-2000s, earned their fortune thru stirring up large quantities of drug trafficking and money laundering activities. Their unscrupulous dealings made them one of the maximum powerful groups in the course of this time-frame.

Who Snitched on Big Meech?

Omari McCree and William Marshall, each members of the BMF, are recognized to have provided facts to cops that brought about the arrest of Big Meech and other contributors of the group. McCree, otherwise known as ‘O-Dog’, changed into a depended on ally of Big Meech and integral to the BMF’s fulfillment. But Marshall, who shared their ranks, in the end have become an informant that supplied regulation enforcement with critical data main to its downfall.

The Rise of BMF

BMF rose to prominence due in no small component to the enterprising management of the Flenory brothers. From humble beginnings on Detroit’s streets, they swiftly accelerated operations across several US cities and past – forming alliances with cartels as a ways away as Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel alongside their notable journey.

The Bust

DEA released an investigation against BMF’s activities in 2005. The research, known as “Operation Motor City Mafia,” concerned wiretapping and surveillance of BMF members. In October 2005, the DEA raided BMF’s headquarters in Atlanta and arrested over 30 members, along with Big Meech and Southwest T.

Big Meech’s Arrest

Big Meech, chief of the notorious BMF crew, become no stranger to controversy. When federal authorities accused him of going for walks a sprawling drug empire that spanned a couple of states and slapped him with hefty costs ranging from money laundering to trafficking, it seemed like his reign had come screeching up quick. After accepting obligation for his moves in 2008, he earned himself an sizeable 30-12 months prison sentence – cementing one in all hip hop’s most captivating crook memories into history books for all time.

The Snitches

Several BMF individuals cooperated with the authorities and testified towards Big Meech and different participants. The maximum extraordinary of these became a person named Fleming “Ill” Daniels, who turned into BMF’s 2nd-in-command. Daniels pleaded guilty to drug trafficking prices and agreed to testify against Big Meech and different participants. He changed into spend 20 years in jail.

BMF Members Who Snitched

Richard “Big Face” Porter

Richard “Big Face” Porter became certainly one of BMF’s top lieutenants. He become arrested in 2005 in fee with drug trafficking and cash laundering. Porter now not observed guilty however later modified his plea to guilty He testified against Big Meech and other members and changed into sentenced to ten years in prison.

Chad “J-Bo” Brown

Chad “J-Bo” Brown was any other BMF member who cooperated with the authorities. He was arrested in 2005 against drug trafficking costs. Brown pleaded guilty and agreed to testify against Big Meech and other individuals. He spent 6 years in jail.

Marlon “Big D” Reems

Marlon “Big D” Reems changed into BMF’s street manager. He changed into arrested in 2005. Reems pleaded responsible and agreed to cooperate with the government. He testified towards Big Meech and other individuals and changed into sentenced to nine years in jail.

Ali “Ak” Jahani

Ali “Ak” Jahani was one among BMF’s foremost providers of cocaine. He was arrested in 2005 and charged with drug trafficking and cash laundering. Jahani pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with the government. He testified in opposition to Big Meech and different members and turned into sentenced to 20 years in jail.

Terry “Southwest T” Flenory

Terry Flenory, the brother and co-founder of infamous gang BMF alongside Big Meech, was apprehended by using authorities in 2005. He stood accused of both drug trafficking and money laundering but ultimately noticed experience – converting his plea to guilty as well as offering testimony against fellow members. The outcome? A hefty 14 year prison time period in the back of bars for Southwest T himself.

Other BMF Members Who Snitched

Lil Meech, Peanut and T-Low added down the Black Mafia Family in the end three were apprehended for drug trafficking. Despite dealing with daunting charges, they sought redemption with the aid of coming into responsible pleas and selecting to cooperate with government officials in trade for decreased or disregarded sentences – making a bold statement that crime does not pay.


The BMF organisation changed into as soon as a powerful and wealthy drug trafficking organization that spanned multiple states. However, the group’s downfall came when it turned into busted by using the DEA in 2005. The rise and fall of BMF, a drug trafficking employer led by means of Big Meech, got here to an abrupt quit whilst critical members cooperated with the authorities. This resulted in lots of arrests in addition to prolonged sentences for its leaders – bringing an infamous bankruptcy of crook history to a close.


Who was Big Meech?

Big Meech changed into one of the founders and leaders of the Black Mafia Family (BMF).

Why did BMF members cooperate with the authorities?

Many BMF participants cooperated with the authorities in exchange for reduced sentences or different benefits.

How lengthy turned into Big Meech sentenced to?

Big Meech spend 30 years in jail.

Who become Fleming “Ill” Daniels?

Fleming “Ill” Daniels changed into BMF’s second-in-command. He cooperated with the government and testified in opposition to Big Meech and different members.

What was Operation Motor City Mafia?

Operation Motor City Mafia turned into a DEA investigation into the sports of the Black Mafia Family (BMF). The research led to the arrest and imprisonment of many BMF contributors.

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