OPSIN USA Reviews - 2023

OPSIN USA Reviews {April 2023}: Is it a Reliable Fishing Line Retailer Or Just a Scam?

For those passionate about fishing and seeking a reliable source of premium lines, Opsin USA provides a comprehensive selection. Boasting slow extruded Japanese fluorocarbon with sizes ranging from .40mm to 150lb test, as well as T-shirts and Hoodies, this online store offers anglers an extensive range of products.  

Before committing to a purchase, it’s wise to first gauge customer opinion of Opsin USA. Here, we conduct an in-depth review of the latest feedback from April 2023, assisting you in determining whether or not this online retailer is a dependable source for fishing line products — or just another scam. Keep reading to find out!

Overview of OPSIN USA:

OPSIN USA is an online store that specializes in the sale of fluorocarbon fishing lines and t-shirts. The company offers several different sizes of fishing lines, including .40mm, 80lb., 150lb., and other test sizes. They also have a variety of T-shirts and hoodies designed with OPSIN’s logo. 

All of their products are made with slow extruded Japanese fluorocarbon and are hand spooled and packaged in California. OPSIN USA has been in operation for two years and is becoming increasingly renowned amongst United States consumers. Nonetheless, some are hesitant to use the store due to a scarcity of customer reviews allowing them to gauge the quality of their products.

OPSIN USA provides anglers with a wide variety of fishing line products that are made with quality Japanese fluorocarbon. It is sensible to examine customer feedback prior to making any purchases since there is relatively limited information on the store’s reliability. We hope our review helps you make an informed decision about this online fishing line retailer!

Key Features of  OPSIN USA:

  • Website URL – https://opsinusa.com/
  • Products – Fishing Lines and Apparel
  • Location – Not disclosed
  • Email Address[email protected]
  • Phone Number – +828-279-1215
  • Payment Options – PayPal, Digital Wallets, and Major Card Payments.
  • Age of Domain – Established three years, 17 days ago (Created on March 10, 2020). 
  • Email Newsletter Subscriptions Available
  • Delivery and Shipping: Free shipping anywhere within the United States. Domestic delivery takes around 3-5 days via USPS. 
  • Returns and Refunds – The store provides a 30-day returns policy. Customers may return orders within 30 days of purchase to receive a full refund, according to Opsin USA reviews. Contact via email to request the return of your order.
  • Social Media – Active on Instagram and Facebook.

Pros and Cons of Using OPSIN USA:


  • Quality Japanese Fluorocarbon Fishing Lines. 
  • Wide variety of Fishing Line and Apparel products available.
  • Free shipping within the US.
  • Reliable customer service as noted in many OPSIN USA reviews. 
  • Secure payment options with major card payments and digital wallets accepted.
  • 30-day return policy with full refunds for returns requests made within 30 days of purchase.


  • Not much customer feedback is available regarding their products.
  • No information regarding product origins, e.g. the country of manufacture. 
  • No information is available on the website regarding delivery and shipping outside of the US.

Is It a Reliable Or Just a Scam?

Before buying, it’s essential to ensure the website is genuine and not a scam. To guarantee security when purchasing, we’ve conducted a thorough review of OPSIN USA and its customer reviews to decide if it is reliable or fraudulent. We will evaluate the following elements to assess OPSIN USA’s dependability:

OPSIN USA Reviews - 2023
  • The domain has been active since March 10, 2020, and is set to expire in 2023. 
  • Online feedback on OPSIN USA reviews is split, with some being positive while others not so much. 
  • No information regarding the owner of the website can be found. 
  • The Facebook page only mentions their location in Southern California, with no other physical address available. 
  • Currently, there are no discounts beyond 10% off being offered on the website. 
  • OPSIN USA is active on social media channels like Instagram and Facebook.

Without more in-depth analysis, it is difficult to vouch for the trustworthiness of this website. The legitimacy and credibility of OPSIN USA remain uncertain.

Customer Reviews for OPSIN USA:

Despite having been operational for three years, customer reviews for OPSIN USA are scarce. While some customers express satisfaction with their products and services, others report delivery delays and faulty goods. 

Due to the limited customer reviews accessible, it is hard to tell whether this e-commerce platform can be trusted or not. It is advised to take extra caution when buying from OPSIN USA and be aware that their reliability is unconfirmed.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is OPSIN USA a reliable retailer?

Unfortunately, due to the lack of customer reviews and information regarding the owner of OPSIN USA, it is difficult to assess their reliability. It is advised to be cautious when dealing with this online store. 

Does OPSIN USA offer free shipping? 

Yes, OPSIN USA offers free shipping within the US. 

What is the return policy of OPSIN USA?

OPSIN USA offers a 30-day return policy with full refunds for returns requests made within 30 days of purchase. Contact via email to request the return of your order. 

Are there any discounts available on OPSIN USA? 

At present, OPSIN USA provides a 10% reduction on all items. No other discounts are currently being offered.  

Does OPSIN USA offer international shipping? 

Regrettably, the website has no details regarding deliveries and shipments outside of the United States. Contact OPSIN USA directly to inquire further about international shipping options. 

Does OPSIN USA list the origin of its products? 

No, there is no information available regarding product origins or country of manufacture.

At End:

In sum, we cannot confidently recommend OPSIN USA as a reliable online store. It is hard to gauge the authenticity of this retailer due to the limited customer reviews available. We urge potential customers to use caution when dealing with OPSIN USA, as their legitimacy remains uncertain. It may be advisable to wait for further customer reviews before purchasing from this online store.  

In the meantime, you can easily find quality fishing lines from other stores. Do your research and read reviews before buying elsewhere! Your satisfaction with the product is key. 

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