Who was Dylan Santos Miami?

Who was Dylan Santos Miami? A Look Back On His Life, Cause Of Death & Legacy – Updation 2023

Eternal remembrance awaits Dylan Santos, a 30-year-old local of 1810 Baltimore Road in Miami. On July 1st, 2020 a tragic event occurred that ended the life of Dylan Santos Miami.

It is reported that an altercation with another individual caused Dylan’s premature passing. His memory will continue to shine brightly within the community he left behind.

This article aims to review Dylan Santos Miami’s life and premature passing, in addition to analyzing the inquiry that is ongoing. We also intend to explore his enduring legacy and how this awful happening has impacted his relatives, acquaintances, and the surrounding area.

Read on to learn more about Dylan Santos Miami and the tragedy that occurred in 2020.

Who was Dylan Santos Miami?

Dylan Edson Santos was a student at the University of Miami majoring in business and marketing. A Miami-born, Dylan Santos was a former student of North Springs Senior High School before he began his college journey.

Dylan was a dedicated member of his community, giving back through various charitable endeavors. But beyond that, he had an undying passion for sports – particularly soccer! When the weekend rolled around you could always find him on the field dribbling and shooting goals anytime he got some free time.

His amiable nature and altruistic character made him highly popular in his locality. The loss of Dylan has been deeply felt by the people from Miami, with several taking to social media in order to convey sympathy for his family. 

Dylan Santos Cause of Death:

Morris Murray, the prosecutor for the case of Gary Pond II and Dylan Santos, charged them both with attempted murder- a first-degree felony. Alongside that charge were two counts of assault each second-degree against Pound while Santos had an additional domestic violence misdemeanor under his belt too. 

It all started on July 1st when they were allegedly driving through Mansfield Road together; some shouts ensued followed by fists as it resulted in one man sustaining serious yet non-life threatening injuries requiring hospitalization.

Police have reported that Santos appears to be responsible for a knife attack against an innocent victim. The aggressor was hit by Pond and his target managed to escape on foot, only being discovered later at the hospital after sustaining injuries. 

It’s suspected this violent incident may not stand alone – there is another charge of domestic violence targeting Santos from earlier in the day as well! If you think you can shed light on this troubling case then please call Rebellion County Sheriff’s Office immediately at (330) 675-2420. Keep your eyes peeled for more details as we learn them – don’t miss out!

Life and Legacy of Dylan Santos Miami:

Dylan Santos, an incredible and inspiring individual, left this world far too soon. His dream of success was nearly within grasp, but the tragic loss of someone who had fought hard to fulfill their own ambitions quickly derailed any chance at glory.

His legacy will remain in those closest to him – from family members touched by his kindness to friends inspired by his sportsmanship and achievements at the University of Miami – proving that one man can truly leave behind quite a remarkable mark on history no matter how brief it may have been.

Miami experienced a heart-wrenching loss when Dylan Santos passed away, and the city has been unified in grief. While we await answers to this tragedy during the ongoing investigation, one thing is certain – Dylan will never be forgotten nor his impact is diminished. 

He remains an example of why life should be celebrated with every breath that we are gifted. May you rest peacefully, dear friend; always be remembered by those who loved and admired you most.


We will never forget Dylan Santos Miami, who had so much promise and seemed destined for success, but his life was tragically cut short before he could realize those dreams. 

Family, peers, and the entire neighborhood recall him affectionately as we all collectively mourn over this tragic passing. Amidst our mourning however, let us carry on with a sense of hope that justice is served through the ongoing investigation into his passing – honoring Dylan’s memory by celebrating what an incredible impact he made while still here in our hearts!

Rest peacefully friend: you shall be remembered always.

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