Who Is Kelly Keegs Boyfriend Kmarko

Who Is Kelly Keegs Boyfriend Kmarko? Clarifying These Rumors! 

Kelly Keegs, an impactful American journalist and podcaster, stands out in the media industry. Joining Barstool Sports in 2020, she quickly rose to fame. Her shows, “Whine with Kelly” and “Cutting Stems,” showcase her unique hosting skills. Her engaging style has attracted a large fan base. With over 60,000 Instagram followers, she’s a key influencer in sports and culture. Kelly’s wit and humor continue to charm Barstool Sports audiences, sparking curiosity about her life.

Kelly Keegs’ Profile 

NameKelly Keegs
Age and Birthday32 years old, born December 8, 1990
Physical StatsHeight: 5’ 7”, Weight: Approx. 130 pounds
Hometown Hunterdon County, New Jersey
Early Life and EducationGrew up in Raritan, NJ, Marketing and Communications degree from High Point University, in 2013
FamilyA close relationship, details mostly private
ProfessionAmerican Journalist and Podcaster
FameKnown for dynamic presence in media
Joined Barstool Sports2020
Popular Shows‘Whine with Kelly’, ‘Cutting Stems’
Social Media InfluenceOver 60,000 Instagram followers
Role at Barstool SportsHost and Co-host
Unique StyleEngaging commentary, wit, and humor
Fan BaseLarge and dedicated
Industry ImpactSignificant in sports and culture commentary

Early Life and Education 

Kelly Keegs was born on December 8th, 1990 in Raritan, New Jersey. She spent her formative years in Hunterdon County, cultivating childhood friendships that continue today. She graduated from the local Hunterdon Central Regional High School before pursuing higher education.

Kelly enrolled in North Carolina’s distinguished High Point University in 2008. She graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree focused on communications and marketing. Her educational background equipped her with vital media industry skills priming her for future success. 

Career Milestones 

Kelly dipped her toes in entertainment journalism shortly after college. She landed writing roles for publications like V Magazine and Secco Squared until 2016. The experience proved formative, though her big break emerged in 2020 when Kelly joined the pop culture juggernaut Barstool Sports. She brought a distinctive charm and candid humor that resonated with modern audiences. 

Within months Kelly cemented herself as a beloved host through hit shows like the relatable podcast “Whine with Kelly” and the sports commentary program “Cutting Stems”. She also exercises her journalistic skills as a contract writer for MuckRack. Today Kelly stands proudly as a quintessential voice at Barstool. Her quick wit and magnetic on-screen presence have captured the hearts of over 60,000 Instagram followers.

Kelly Keegs and Barstool Sports 

For Kelly Keegs, joining Barstool Sports represented the opportunity of a lifetime. The edgy sports and culture blog proved the perfect vehicle for her swaggering personality. Known for its viral sensation of “bro” humor, Barstool encourages unfiltered self-expression from talent.

Kelly fits seamlessly into this environment, bringing her uncensored take on dating, career, and city escapades. Fan reactions affirm she made the right move. While certain masculine dynamics still permeate Barstool’s fabric, Kelly believes the inclusive opportunities outweigh outmoded aspects. Her goal remains to give women and marginalized groups bold representation in sports commentary.

Alongside fellow female talents like Kayce Smith, Kelly empowers diverse perspectives. There’s no denying her influence—views and engagement skyrocket whenever Kelly hops on screen. She continues trailblazing as an integral asset for Barstool Sports in the digital age.

Personal Life and Relationships 

Kelly Keegs takes an unapologetically discreet approach regarding her romantic affiliations. While public intrigue in her dating life persists, Kelly opts not to address rumors or speculation. Her most public relationship occurred with fellow Barstool Sports member Kmarko (Keith Markovich)between 2018 and 2019. The two made occasional appearances together, prompting gossip within the online community.

Kelly Keegs' Boyfriend: Kmarko

But after an abrupt split in mid-2019, both avoided discussing details. Kelly continued exhibiting her trademark reserve when confronted on her current relationship status. Recent speculation links her to coworker Vibbs, though Kelly refuses to confirm anything beyond platonic friendship. It’s clear she prioritizes privacy from public scrutiny when it comes to intimate affairs. Nonetheless, ongoing curiosity surrounds who the mystery beau may be in Kelly Keegs’ life today.

The Breakup with Kmarko 

In May 2019 long-brewing cracks in Kelly Keegs and Kmarko’s bond culminated in a messy public breakdown. While the two attempted to keep issues quiet, speculation ran rampant on social media outlets like Reddit and Twitter. Popular theories pinned career envy or infidelity as the catalyst, but the direct cause remains ambiguous.

Kelly Keegs’ Social Media Influence 

Kelly Keegs’ presence on social media, particularly Instagram and Twitter, plays a significant role in her career. On Instagram, she delivers a voyeuristic glimpse into her glitzy media lifestyle for over 60,000 enraptured followers. Kelly spotlights event appearances, work projects, lively nights out, and aesthetic snapshots from her luxe NYC digs. 

The account presents an aspirational picture of success in the digital age. Her equally popular Twitter account showcases Kelly’s biting humor for nearly 85,000 more admirers. Without a doubt, social media serves both professional and personal goals for the rising media maven.

Neither Kelly nor Kmarko have ever officially declared explanations for the split. The aftermath sparked a flood of opinions, analyses, and assumptions across fan forums. But despite unrelenting public intrigue, both parties keep further romantic details under lock and key.

Kelly’s Net Worth

While Kelly Keegs refrains from publicly divulging income details, her lucrative podcasting career points toward impressive financial success. Between her hit show “Whine with Kelly”, coveted brand deals, and contract journalism gigs, reliable assets stream her way.

Estimations pin Kelly’s net worth somewhere in 2023 in the range of $500,000—$800,000 and rising. One thing remains certain – Kelly gets compensated handsomely for wielding her sharp wit and journalistic chops at Barstool Sports. As her star continues ascending, so do associated financial rewards.

Future Aspirations and Projects 

The next phase of Kelly’s career aims straight for mogul status. With forthcoming projects “Because We Got High” and “Barstool vs America” expanding her multimedia footprint, there’s no slowing Kelly’s momentum. She also plans to further utilize her journalistic abilities by executive producing an exposé focused podcast.

While details remain unconfirmed, Kelly promises a hard-hitting investigation into celebrity wrongdoings. As her esteemed platform grows, rumors even suggest potential book deals on the horizon. There’s no limit to what Kelly might achieve next with her unrelenting drive.


In just a few short years Kelly Keegs has made a notable impact in the media and entertainment industry. Her journey, from a journalist to a celebrated podcaster and host, reflects her versatility and talent. While her private life elicits endless public curiosity, the focus remains fixed on Kelly’s versatile talents. 

As she continues trailblazing with Barstool Sports, this cultural phenomenon has cemented her indispensable place in the digital media landscape. As she continues to evolve professionally, Kelly’s personal and professional journey remains a source of inspiration for many in the industry.

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